Our Story

A galleria of rugs, carpets, kilims and durries – RugWeave enhances the spaces in your home with its woven wonders. With a 31-year legacy behind us, we showcase a motley and archaic collection of rugs from around the world. Many of which are from Persia, Turkey, Central Asia, Kashmir, Gwalior and Jaipur. One of our oldest rugs dates back to 200 years, making it more valuable as time goes by.

We offer a diverse variety of products which include modern rugs as well. We have ready-made design options available in-store and customize as per your size and design requirement as well.

Not only do we focus on sourcing and selling rugs but we also repair and clean existing rugs. We ensure that we use the most natural methods to restore the rugs.

We source hand-knotted rugs to keep alive the craftsmanship of handmade rugs. Our understanding is that the art of rug weaving is on the decline and we source our product from small vendors and businesses to help them thrive and keep the art alive. We source hand-tufted rugs based on requirement.

Apart from our exclusive store in Eldorado, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai, RugWeave is also available in other stores across India and we provide worldwide delivery options.

Stores we are available in India are Navrathans Antique Art (Bangalore & Hyderabad) and Rock, Paper, Scissors (Cochin) to provide more accessibility to a diverse customer base.

You Desire, We Deliver


Ready-made classically Inspired Designs. Want to Customize based on your home decor needs? We do that too.

Treasure the Tradition


Finest Handcrafted rugs in the world. A culmination of 2000 years of culture depicted through finely woven wonders.



Creating art through imperfections. The designs are geometrical and colour’s abrash.

Intricate Craftsmanship

Kashmiri Silk

Rivalling the Iranian masterpieces, intricately crafted Kashmiri rugs are made of mulberry silk.

Survival of the Art

Indian Recreations

From the ‘Karkhanas’ of the Mughal era, these exquisitely woven recreations keep the art alive through making it affordable.



Flat woven textiles that are bold and distinctive, created by tribes from across the world. The origin of rugs making lies in the creation of Kilims.

Indian Tradition


Original Indian rug art that is made in a variety of flat woven Indian textiles.

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