We showcase a range of contemporary and modern designs that are inspired by classical motifs. We customize rugs as well. You can share sizes, designs, colors, motifs and we can help you weave your own personalized rugs. We work with artists to fill in the spaces of your home with aesthetic design requirements using these rugs.

Contemporary - 1

Size: 5’x8′

Gabbeh Dissolve

Inspired by old Gabbeh rugs, the design has been dissolved sporadically.
The rug has an asymmetrical knot type and is made of Bamboo silk-cotton.

Size: 4’x6′

Contemporary Fusion

Wool, Silk-Cotton with traditional motifs fused with contemporary designs.

Contemporary - 2
Contemporary - 3

Size: 5’x7′

Contemporary Fusion

Traditional motifs presented in a contemporary style. The rug has an asymmetrical knot type with Bamboo Silk-Cotton.

Size: 8’x10′

Caucasian Dissolve

Inspired by the most magnificent Caucasian rugs, this dissolved design makes a statement. It is made of Wool, Silk-Cotton.

Contemporary - 4
Contemporary - 5

Size: 6’x9′


A plain handloom 3-dimensional rug with simple horizontal stripes. Made of Bamboo Silk-Cotton.

Size: 8’x10′


This modern wool on wool patch-work rug is inspired by classical tribal designs.

Contemporary - 7

Size: 8’x10′


A Bamboo Silk-Cotton with dissolved design and repetitive motifs.

Size: 4’x6′


A transitional rug made of bamboo silk-cotton.

Contemporary - 8
Contemporary - 9

Size: 4’x6′


A dissolved flower pattern. Made with wool and bamboo silk.

Size: 4’x6′


Ikat design on wool-cotton material.

Contemporary - 10
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