Finely woven silk on silk and silk on cotton rugs, that come in all sizes and have knot density of 256 per square inch to 3600 per square inch. The higher the knot density the more the exclusivity of the rug, as the man hours and finesse of it increases as well.

Kashmiri - 1

Size: 5’x7′

Qashqai Inspired

A unique silk on silk Kashmiri rug, inspired by the tribal Qashqai rugs of Iran. It has 11 medallions through the rug with wild animals and flowers surrounding it.

Size: 2′ 5″ x 4′

Meshed Inspired

A silk on cotton, garden design Kashmiri rug, inspired by the rugs of Meshed, Iran. It has a largely rounded medallion surrounded by a number of flowers on the field of the rug.

Kashmiri - 2
Kashmiri - 3

Size: 2’x3′

Hamdan Inspired

A four-panel silk on cotton Hamdan rug with willow, cypress and flowering shrubs represented in each panel.

Size: 3’x5′

Isfahan Inspired

A beautiful silk on silk garden design rug that has been inspired by the Isfahan rugs. It consists of a rounded medallion that is surrounded by iris, rose and peony flowers all connected to another through tendrils.

Kashmiri - 4
Kashmiri - 5

Size: 4’x6′


A silk on silk ‘Ghoumband’ rug, the design is the recreation of the tiles on the domes of architectural heritages in Iran. It consists of a small round medallion in the center, with concentric motifs surrounding them. Each circle larger than the previous one.

Size: 6’x9′

Khatamband Inspired

An authentic Kashmiri silk on silk rug, inspired from the ‘Khatamband’ art of Kashmir. It consists of octagonal, hexagonal and star-shaped panels with flowers interwoven together in a flowing and repetitive fashion.

Kashmiri - 6
Kashmiri - 7

Size: 2′ 5″x4′

Tree of Life

The silk on silk rug represents the classic ‘Tree of Life and Birds of Paradise’ design. It is an extremely high knotted rug, having in excess of 1296 knots per sq inch.

Size: 7’x7′


The silk on silk is adorned with Feraghan design on this rug is one of the most popular designs in the carpet world. A stylized version of the Herati motif is used and repeated through the red base of the rug.

Kashmiri - 8
Kashmiri - 9

Size: 3’x6′


A beautiful silk on silk runner with wild animals and trees representing a jungle.

Size: 4’x6′

Open Mattan

Referred to as ‘Open Mattan’ design by Kashmiri weavers. This silk on cotton rug has a central medallion with an empty field.

Kashmiri - 10
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