Customized Designs

Custom Made Handknotted and Hand Tufted Rugs. We bring the customers ideas to life. If you have a custom design in mind then let us know. Our skilled weavers will execute and bring your designs to life. Any size, Any design, Any material.

Cleaning Services

Herbal cleaning and mothproofing are a couple of services we offer to help vitalize and protect your rugs. Patience, care and attention to details are needed to maintain rugs. Our experts provide just that.

Repair & Restoration

RugWeave has an in-house staff of expert re-weavers and restoration specialists. The experienced weavers employ all types of colours to help in repairs. We strive to restore the rugs to its original excellence.

Worldwide Shipping

We delivery across oceans and borders. Just email us at rugweave@gmail.com and let us know what your requirements are and we shall have your rug at your doorstep.

Anatomy Of A Hand-Knotted Rug

Creating Art

Hand-knotted rugs consist of a warp, weft and knot/pile.
The knot is main outer/visible part of the rug which is tied on the warp. The warp are vertical threads that form the inner structure of the carpet. Once each row of the knotting is complete, a thread is run through the rug – this thread is called the weft.