Whether an antique Kashan or new Tabriz rug, we house all sizes ranging 4’x6’ to 14’x24’. These magnificent works of art form the pinnacle of rug weaving in the world.

Persian Iranian - 1

Size: 6’x9′


A beautiful wool on cotton Kashan rug in a rare pink colour. A central medallion surrounded with a field covered with flowers like iris, peony and rose.

Size: 10’x13′

Tabriz Zirhaki

The design portrayed in this Kashmar is said to be typical of the region but was originally from Tabriz. It is called Zirhaki meaning ‘under the earth,’ which basically portrays the different types of items found in the ancient archaeological sites of Iran. It is a woolen rug.

Persian Iranian - 2
Persian Iranian - 3

Size: 9’x12′

Medallion less-Kashan

A beautiful wool on cotton medallion-less Kashan rug. An off-white field with tendrils of flowers running through the rug each one connected to the other.

Size: 10’x14′


A unique wool on cotton Joshaqan with an adaptation of the Herat Floral style that runs through the rug in a repetitive pattern.

Persian Iranian - 4
Persian Iranian - 5

Size: 7’x10′


A classic wool on cotton Kashan rug. It has a central medallion with an array of flowers repeated over the red field of the rug.

Size: 7’x10′

Birjand – Herati

A fine wool on cotton Birjand rug, true to its unique use of the Herati pattern surrounding a 32 point medallion.

Persian Iranian - 6
Persian Iranian - 7

Size: 4’ 8” x 7’ 2”

Qum Inspired

A modern wool on cotton variation of a classical Qum Rug, unique and very well knotted in the asymmetrical style.

Size: 4’ 2” x 7’

Mohtasham Kashan

A wool on cotton recreation of a Mohtasham Kashan with traditional blue used in the field of the rug instead of the usual red.

Persian Iranian - 8
Persian Iranian - 9

Size: 7’x10′


A classical wool on cotton Kashan with a blue base with red and white used in the formation of the flowers present throughout the rug.

Size: 7’x10′

Multi-medallion Veramin

A wool on wool multi-medallion Veramin rug. Made with coarse hand spun wool. The medallion used is similar to the Ardebil medallion.

Persian - Iranian - 10
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