Our wool on wool Tribal rugs range from Baluchi, Qashqai, Afsahar, Caucasian, Samarkhand and Afghani. These are woven with handspun wool and coloured with natural dyes. Each piece of rug is distinctively different from the other.

Tribal - 1

Size: 4’x6′


An antique Qashqai rug, Circa 1900. Made by the tribals in the Fars region of Southwest Persia, they are one of the most sort after tribal rugs in the world.

Size: 4’x7′


An Anatolian rug from the tribal regions of Turkey. It has a repetitive lion motif running vertically through the rug. A fine rug made with the symmetrical knot.

Tribal - 2
Tribal - 3

Size: 6’x9′

Beshir – Herati

A Beshir rug with origins in East Persia. The leaf-like motif is a stylized version of a small motif taken from the Herati pattern.

Size: 8’x10′

Beshir – Leaf

A Beshir rug with the unique use of the maple or chinar leaf as its motif. Four chinar motifs are placed opposite another and repeated through the rug.

Tribal - 4
Tribal - 5

Size: 4’x6′


Afghan-Turkaman made by the Beshir tribe. It has a different floral Gul that runs through the entire rug. And, has multiple borders that form a complex yet pleasing design. The ends of the rug are finished with a kilim.

Size: 4’x6′

Antique Shiraz-Lori

An antique Shiraz-Lori rug in near perfect condition. The selvedges bound with goat hair.

Tribal - 6
Tribal - 7

Size: 4′ 5″x 5′ 5″

Shiraz – Paisley Motif

A beautiful village production from Shiraz, Iran. It has elements of Qashqai, Herat and Paisley motifs together in the rug.

Size: 4’x6′


A modern Turkman from Afghanistan, the Salor motif is used throughout the rug. Like typical new productions, it has multiple borders.

Tribal - 8
Tribal - 9

Size: 7′ 5″x13′ 9″


An old Samarkand rug in perfect condition. Like most other Samarkand rugs, its name represents only a trading city. It is actually an East Turkestan rug. There is a repetitive medallion design and like Beshir rugs it is a derivative of the Herati pattern.

Size: 5′ 5″x8′ 5″

Antique Khotan

An antique Khotan rug made by tribals of east Turkestan city, circa 1900. It depicts several marching ducks among trees at the edge of a river. There is a small village with hills in the background.

Tribal - 10
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